Logo-Vertical-black-small-transparent-800x610Destination Church and Ministries– DCM was founded as Cornerstone Family Church in 2001. We initially gathered in various homes and in a 2002 renovated a Post Office on Hope Street in Stamford, CT and held worship services there for five years. During those five years the church grew and many wonderful families and people made CFC their home.

In 2007, Cornerstone Family Church temporarily closed its doors. For the next 4 years the Lockery’s focued was on establishing Truth & Peace Counseling – A Unique Husband & Wife Pastoral Counseling Ministry that still is active today. In 2011 God moved once again on the heart of Pastor Ray. It was time to reopen the church in Norwalk along with a name change to Destination Church and Ministries (DCM). In 2013 DCM moved to the Fairfield Theatre Company on Sunday Mornings.

Why the New Name? – The Lockery family believed that God was doing a fresh new work. While families are and will be at the heart of the ministry, a new vision was being birthed for DCM. After much prayer the Holy Spirit impressed upon Pastor Ray that the key verse going forward would be Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost”. Now the lost became our focus. Pastor Linda was the one who came up with the name. She said it’s not the journey that’s important (as many have coined) but the Destination. Pastor Ray’s thoughts went back to how the nation of Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years, losing a generation, before finally entering the Promised Land. God’s purpose is for everyone to enter Heaven (Promised Land) through the saving work of His Son Jesus and not left to wander for eternity.  To help others reach this Destination, we have Establish Ministries and endeavor to Equip Ministers within DCM to help accomplish this evangelistic purpose.  

Ray & Linda Lockery, Founding Co-Pastors

Ray & Linda have been married for 37 years. They raised five children and have their 14th grandchild on the way. Linda came to the Lord first back in 1987. Her new found zeal for Jesus left Ray initially feeling left out and resenting this Jesus who took his wife away. Ray’s story consisted of the finance and insurance industry along with owning a Bar complete with drugs, bands and booze. Yes, God has a sense of humor – to use him as a pastor – thus the Grace of God!

In Linda’s quest to bring the gospel to her husband, she gave Ray contemporary (1987??) church music cassette tapes to listen to on his daily drive to Manhattan. While singing along with the tapes Ray was developing a secret relationship with Jesus. The Word was getting in. He bravely came home one night to announce to his bride that he was singing along with the tapes. Expecting her to jump up and down, Ray waited for her response. Instead she asked him the most important blunt question of his life: “Do you believe what you are singing”? His resounding affirmative “Yes” opened up the flood gates of his heart and they spent the rest of the night in prayer and singing the songs she had used to introduce him to his new found savior.

Linda, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NYC) had spent most of her life instructing women on health issues and physical fitness training.  She uses those skills to minister to women in bible studies, counseling and preaching. She also ministers to those trapped in fear and anxiety.

Ray was a partner in a mortgage company with four offices and continued to seek his relationship with God while serving in the local church. He was Ordained as a Minister in 1996 and again in 2001 was ordained with International Ministerial Fellowship. In his pursuit of a pastoral counseling ministry he earned a doctorate in Christian Counseling.

International Ministerial Fellowship

Destination Church and Ministries is an “Alliance Church” within International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF). This special relationship offers the members of DCM both a beneficial church national fellowship and leadership accountability.

International Ministerial Fellowship was established in 1958 is an association of evangelical Christian churches, ministers and lay workers with an emphasis on the centrality of Christ and the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit which offers fellowship, multiple members’ resources including appropriate ministerial credentials, ecclesiastical endorsement and the service of a missions sending agency. With a membership of over 1,300 across the nation and 100+ missionaries in 44 countries with 108 missionaries and many military, hospital and prison chaplains. Today IMF is recognized as a faith group with a Mission Sending Agency and as an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency.

Ministry Team Members [These people really run the church!]

David Pink, Associate Pastor, Co-Director of A New You Ministry

Kinley Pink, Pastor and Executive Administer, Co-Director of A New You Ministry

Markus Reinmund – Worship Director

Tom Yerinides – Worship Leader

Paul Brennan / Suzanne Brennan – Men’s Group and Setup Ministry Leader

Marvin Roberson – Head Usher

Elizabeth Roberson – Children’s Ministry Director

Levi and Marge Shelly – Local Missions Directors and Youth Ministry

Anthony Cialini – Trustee and Men’s Group Leader