One of the very first things you will learn about DCM is that our worship is authentic and heart felt. Why worship the Lord with anything else but your entire heart?

Our Style? Lets just say that we desire to meet God in a genuine way. We don’t rely on a type or genre of music; rather we fix our efforts on ways to connect with God through various methods such as: song, dance, video, spoken word etc…

Here is a thought we like to keep before us: It’s not about what we get from Him, it’s more about what we can bring to Him through our worship.

The Bible teaches us that we are to be both hearers and doers of the word. At DCM we take that seriously. Come prepared to hear a challenging Biblical message that we believe God will use to bring real change; both as a blessing for you and those that you come in contact with.



At Destination we believe that all of us are to “Love Much”. That means that we are to reflect the love of Jesus to everyone that we come in contact with. We hope that you experience that love when you visit Destination. Love is not something that is hidden but is an action word that we take very seriously. There are those that say we love you and then there are those that show it. Test us!